No experience, membership or fee is required to audition/perform with us.  Please download the audition form, complete it and bring it with you when you audition.  Copies of the form will be available at the audition.  [Download Audition Form] All auditions take place at The W.H.A.T. Theatre (in residence at the First Lutheran Church) 65 Oakwood Ave, Kearny, NJ. WHAT is currently auditioning for the following productions:


  • Noises Off [August 14 & August 16 at 7:00pm]
    • About The Show:Michael Frayn’s Noises Off takes a fond look at the follies of theatre folk, whose susceptibility to out-of-control egos, memory loss, and passionate affairs turn every performance into a high-risk adventure. This play-within-a-play captures a touring theatre troupe’s production of Nothing On in three stages: dress rehearsal, the opening performance, and a performance towards the end of a debilitating run. Frayne gives us a window into the inner workings of theatre behind the scenes, progressing from flubbed lines and missed cues in the dress rehearsal to mounting friction between cast members in the final performance. Brimming with slapstick comedy, Noises Off is a delightful backstage farce, complete with slamming doors, falling trousers, and – of course – flying sardines!
    • If you are unable to attend and are serious please email the director at
    • Show Dates: The show will run September 28 and 29, 2018
    • About The Audition: Auditions will take place August 14 & August 16 at 7:00 at the W.H.A.T. Theater 65 Oakwood Ave. Please arrive early to complete the audition forms, review materials, etc. The famed play features six male roles and two female roles, revolving around the mismatched roommates, the neat and uptight Felix Ungar and the slovenly, easy going Oscar Madison.
    • Characters:
      • DOTTY OTLEY / MRS. CLACKET. (Off stage: Dotty): A late-middle-aged American actress. Forgetful. Dating Garry, though she attempts to make him jealous by meeting with Freddy.(On stage: Mrs. Clackett): A Cockney housekeeper for the Brent’s home in England. Hospitable, though slow. 
      • BROOKE ASHTON / VICKI. (Off stage: Brooke): A young inexperienced American actress. Pays no attention to other performers, either in performance or backstage. She seems as though she is not really present – like she is somewhere else inside her head. Is always losing her contact lenses. One-third of a Lloyd-Poppy-Brooke love triangle. (On stage: Vicki): An English woman who works for Inland Revenue and is trying to woo Roger. 
      • BELINDA BLAIR / FLAVIA BRENT. (Off stage: Belinda): Cheerful and sensible, a reliable American actress. She may have feelings for Freddy. (On stage: Flavia Brent): Phillip Brent’s English wife. She is dependable, though not one for household duties. 
      • POPPY NORTON-TAYLOR. American Stage Manager. Emotional and over-sensitive, and envious of Brooke, whom she understudies. Carrying Lloyd’s child. One-third of a Lloyd-Poppy-Brooke love triangle. 
      • LLOYD DALLAS. The director of the play, Nothing On. Temperamental. One third of a Lloyd-Poppy-Brooke love triangle. 
      • GARRY LEJEUNE / ROGER. (Off stage: Garry): An American actor who never finishes a sentence. Always is completing sentences with, “you know…” Easily fired up, repeatedly tries to attack Freddy after believing that Dotty was cheating on him with Freddy. Speech affectations disappear onstage but are ever-present offstage. Dating Dotty. (On stage: Roger): An English Real estate agent who is attempting to rent Flavia’s and Phillip’s home, but uses it for his own personal benefit. 
      • FREDERICK FELLOWS / PHILLIP BRENT / SHEIKH: (Off stage: Freddy) An American actor with a serious fear of violence and blood. Gets nosebleeds easily. Often questions the meaning of his lines and moves. Blames himself often for things going wrong. (On stage: Phillip Brent): An Englishman who lives out of the country with his wife Flavia to avoid paying taxes. He enters the country knowing that if he is caught by Inland Revenue, he will lose most of the year’s income. (On stage: Sheikh): A Middle-Eastern man, interested in renting Flavia’s and Phillip’s home and is the spitting image of Phillip. 
      • SELSDON MOWBRAY / BURGLAR. (Off stage: Selsdon Mowbray): An elderly alcoholic Englishman who hides his bottles onstage. If he is not in sight while rehearsing, the stage crew must find him before he passes out. Is hard of hearing when he wants to be. (On Stage: Burglar): Old Cockney man in his seventies, breaking into the Brent’s home. 
      • TIMOTHY ALLGOOD: An over-worked American Assistant Stage Manager. Understudies Selsdon and Freddy.