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No experience, membership or fee is required to audition/perform with us.  Please download the audition form, complete it and bring it with you when you audition.  Copies of the form will be available at the audition.  [Download Audition Form] All auditions take place at The W.H.A.T. Theatre (in residence at the First Lutheran Church) 65 Oakwood Ave, Kearny, NJ. WHAT is currently auditioning for the following productions:


  • A Charlie Brown Christmas [Mon Oct 6 & Tues Oct 7  7:00 PM ]
    • A Charlie Brown Christmas faithfully follows the story of the 1965 television special in which Charlie Brown and the gang learn the true meaning of Christmas.  The singing for the show is mostly sung in unison; no singing required at the audition.
    • Characters:
      • Charlie Brown [M] –  the main character, a lovable guy, dominated by insecurities
      • Lucy Van Pelt [F] – Linus’ older sister; a bossy, crabby girl
      • Linus Van Pelt [M] – Charlie Brown’s blanket-toting best friend
      • Snoopy [M/F] – Charlie Brown’s lovable dog
      • Pigpen [M] – Always messy, but also well-spoken. A cloud of dust follows him where he goes.
      • Frieda [F] – Sweet little girl who is obsessed with her naturally curly hair
      • Schroeder [M] – piano-player; Lucy’s love interest and admirer of Beethoven
      • Violet [F] – Lucy’s friend, a little opinionated
      • Sally Brown [F] –  Charlie Brown’s younger sister who has a crush on Linus
      • Patty [F] – Has little faith in Charlie Brown as the director of the Christmas play
      • Shermy [M] – A casual, normal kid
    • Download helpful audition monologues.