No experience, membership or fee is required to audition/perform with us.  Please download the audition form, complete it and bring it with you when you audition.  Copies of the form will be available at the audition.  [Download Audition Form] All auditions take place at The W.H.A.T. Theatre (in residence at the First Lutheran Church) 65 Oakwood Ave, Kearny, NJ. WHAT is currently auditioning for the following productions:


  • Jesus Christ Superstar [March 29 & 31 beginning at 7:00 PM]  OPEN TO ALL ACTORS AGES 17-70
    • Please prepare 32 measures of a musical theater song of your choice and bring music in the appropriate key. Women should prepare “I Don’t Know How to Love Him.” Men should prepare “Heaven on Their Minds” or “Gethsemane.” Men/women interested in playing Herod should prepare “Herod’s Song.” An accompanist will be provided. All auditions take place at The W.H.A.T. Theatre (in residence at the First Lutheran Church) 65 Oakwood Ave, Kearny, NJ. PARKING IN REAR
    • Performances are June 15, 16, 17, 18
    • Jesus Christ, the world’s first superstar! This thrilling rock-opera takes a sometimes irreverent, always impassioned, look at Jesus’ last days. As Judas begins to question the motivations and methods of his friend and mentor, emotion and true belief is put to the test. Propelled by a stirring score by the creators of Phantom of the Opera and Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar illuminates the transcendent power of the human spirit with a passion that goes straight to the heart. A true classic of modern musical theatre, you’ll never get closer to this biblical story than at the Long Beach Playhouse.
    •  Characters:
      • JESUS CHRIST (M) Leader of the twelve disciples, a man called the “Son of God” and the “King of the Jews”. Battling humanity vs. divinity. Tenor (A2 – G5)
      • JUDAS ISCARIOT (M) One of the twelve apostles of Jesus. He is certainly not an evil man. He is concerned for the poor and the consequences of Jesus’ fame. Tenor (D3 – D5)
      • MARY MAGDALENE (F) female follower of Jesus who finds herself falling in love with him. Mezzo-Soprano (F3–E#5)
      • PONTIUS PILATE (M) Governor of Judea who foresees the events of Jesus’ crucifixion from beginning to aftermath in a dream and finds himself being presented with that very situation. Baritenor (A2 – B4)
      • CAIAPHAS (M) One of the main antagonists of the show. He is the High Priest who sees Jesus as a threat to the nation. Bass (C#2–F4)
      • ANNAS (M) One of the main antagonists of the show. He is a fellow priest at the side of Caiaphas who is persuaded by Caiaphas into seeing Jesus as a threat. Countertenor (G2 – D5)
      • PETER (M) One of Jesus’ twelve apostles. He denies Jesus three times upon the night of Jesus’ arrest to save himself. Baritone (A2 – G4)
      • SIMON ZEALOTES (M) One of Jesus’ twelve apostles. He urges Jesus to lead his followers into battle against the Romans. Tenor (G3 – B4)
      • KING HEROD (M/F) The King of Galilee. Jesus is brought to him for judgment after first being taken to Pilate. Tenor (C#3–G4)
      • ENSEMBLE (M/F)  The ensemble covers key roles as priests, disciples, soul girls, angels, crowd, lepers, vendors, mob and Roman Guards.
    • Doubling is possible as well as blind casting for roles.