No experience, membership or fee is required to audition/perform with us.  Please download the audition form, complete it and bring it with you when you audition.  Copies of the form will be available at the audition.  [Download Audition Form] All auditions take place at The W.H.A.T. Theatre (in residence at the First Lutheran Church) 65 Oakwood Ave, Kearny, NJ. WHAT is currently auditioning for the following productions:


  • The Princess and the Pea [Tuesday and Wednesday January 17 and 18 @ 7:00-9:00 pm]
    • About The Show: The Princess and the Pea is the story of Amy, a princess who loves green and eating peas (yes, peas!). Amy wants to marry the very handsome Prince James. Unfortunately Queen Janice doesn’t want Amy and James to marry so she dares Amy not to eat any peas for 24 hours! Can Amy stop eating her favorite food – even though she will be tempted (even between her mattress!)?   More info @
    • Show Dates: February 24 & 25 March 3 & 4
    • About The Audition: Please bring resume and headshot if you have one.   Comedic monologues will be provided (download below).  You can also visit for short sides from the show.
    • Monologues: The Princess and the Pea – Monologues
    • Characters:
      • Princess Amy: loves green and everything about it [F]
      • Prince James: being forced to get married [M]
      • Queen Janice: James’ mother; very picky [F]
      • King Jim: James’ father; thinks James should be married [M]
      • Jester: royal employee and James’ best friend [E]
      • Lady in Waiting: always waiting for something [F]
      • Guard [E]
      • Prince Adam: Amy’s brother [M]
      • Princess Brenda: Adam’s new wife; uses big words [F]
      • Logan: A knight is not so shining armor [M/E]